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Hallo Doc,

herewith a picture taken after winning the South African kickboxing title again yesterday (26/06/10).


Just a quick update after 6 months on the metabolic balance program.

When I started with the program my target weight was set and I initially lost more than expected. Gradually my weight stabilized and I am on my target weight for the past three months.

My average cycling speed over 100km improved by 2km/h, my time on running the 2.4km reduced by almost 3 minutes and last but not least, my endurance and stamina in kickboxing basically doubled. I am however fighting in a much lighter division than what I am used to when I was heavier but still managed to obtain gold in our last regional kickboxing tournament. I had four fights that day and felt very good afterwards - better than what I used to after a few fights. My kickboxing club in Montana, Quest Kickboxing Academy, also expanded quite a bit and forced me to have two training sessions a night. I do both sessions with the club members and my energy levels are still adequate afterwards.

My general well being and quality of life increased dramatically. I feel good and have a zest for an active lifestyle. We are more outdoors in the bush, camping and 4x4ing than just sitting at home socializing.

I am sure you have noticed that I haven't visited you for the last six months which was unheard of previously. I haven't been sick or battled with sinus since September last year.

I can testify for all the people I referred to you and joined the program that they have the same experience and results than me. We all social actively together and that helps a lot in maintaining this healthier lifestyle.

I thank you again for convincing me that this program can only be beneficial to me because it is.


I have made a few exciting observations while being on your program:

My extreme sweating during mildly hot summer days has ceased (I needn't use medication for this any more).

My husband enjoys much better quality sleep since I have stopped snoring next to him. My agonising moments after falling asleep while driving is something of the past (I needn't use medication for this any more either).

My facial hairs are disappearing (without having to go for laser treatment).

I needn't use my nose spray to prevent allergies any more ... and I am sure my asthma pump will have passed its expiry date by the time I will want to use it again!

Thanks for the program!

(November 2008)

Dear Dr Te Reh,

since December 2008, I have noticed that my hair seemed to thicken. It is almost been a year now that I have been on the metabolic balanced diet and hair regeneration on my forehead is now visible. I have started with the metabolic balanced diet in April 2008. The first signs of improvement were: weight loss, better skin and a better sense of well being. A year has almost passed with no more back aches and serious sinus problems. I have handled colds and flu better during the past winter season and am looking forward to our winter that lies ahead. Thank you for introducing me to the metabolic balanced diet. Please convey my thanks to the MB-Team. Yours in all best things,


(26 March 2009)

Metabolic balancing - what a miracle!

My husband and I have spent years, even decades; trying to fix what Dr. Wolf managed to cure in a month. We're lighter in every sense - not just losing the weight, but also a lifetime of burdensome health issues. Not to mention we've had more energy now than we can remember. And there's really nothing involved - no pills, procedures, diet or exercise regimes - just some small changes to what we eat, and when (there's so much food in the plan, in fact, that sometimes we can't even finish it!). In fact, it's so painless that we're having trouble believing it is happening: our minds just haven't been able to absorb so much wonderful change so quickly! After the strict initial two-week eating plan (though, to be honest, we weren't suffering eating breads, cold meats and other delicious things), life goes practically back to normal. Of course, by normal I mean absolutely fantastic!
My previously obese husband has a new lease on life, and I've forgotten the pain and pills that haunted me for so many years. It really, really works.

Thank you!

(May 2009)
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