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Metabolic Short Info

Short info about the Metabolic Balance Program:

1) A 100% scientific and holistic approach to achieve and maintain excellent health.

2) Medical Doctors / Dieticians will implement individual meal plans that match your personal body chemistry.

3) The Metabolic Balance meal plan promotes hormonal balance and healthy insulin distribution.

4) No Pills and Powders are involved. Metabolic Balance is not a diet.

5) Developed by a German team of physicians, nutritional engineers, and IT programming specialists over a period of 30 years.

6) Metabolic Balance helps to prevent and heal known diseases of civilization.

7) Enjoy a normal life, feel better, look better, and improve your energy levels with easy weight control.

8) *** NEW *** With the new Metabolic Balance Program® we are able to advise Professional Athletes individually with nutritional plans!

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