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As we become older, diseases become unavoidable

Hardly anyone will be able to say anything to oppose this expectation. Each additional decade in our lives brings along new medical findings, focusing on cardiovascular risks, advising to be cautious with the locomotive system and often speaking of an increasing cholesterol level. Even the medical aid increases monthly contributions according to age.

All statistics support these health- or rather age-related developments. These fatal changes are documented and proven inside the cells. The membrane potential decreases and therefore also the partial oxygen pressure. Furthermore it is known that 10.000.000 cells degenerate per second. An organic disorder has to be the consequence. With approximately 40.000 terms for diseases this phenomenon has been explained well and scientifically.


Health (as the only term) is opposed to 40 000 terms for diseases!

In 1948 the WHO (World Health Organisation) characterized health as "physical, spiritual and social well-being". In my opinion this definition of health is not sustainable any longer. The subjective assessment or even the medical technology to evaluate findings can often only recognize a disease at a late stage. Disorders of the pancreas with resulting diabetes or neoplastic tumerous cell changes in the early stage may remain undiscovered for a long time while taking the course of the disease. Is the person healthy at this stage or is the person ill? Is he or she in a state of physical and spiritual well-being? In the psychological area of "well-being", work conditions can heal one person and cause another person to become ill.

A new definition as far as the question of health or well-being is concerned, is probably appropriate here.

What can medicine do for my health?

In the past diseases were observed, described and also ordered in groups. Doctors were often powerless or very limited regarding treatment of the relevant patients. In the development of medicine, pharmacology took over a task that has grown immensely. After diagnosis the disease was treated specifically. In the case of known risk factors diseases may be avoided successfully by means of medicinal remedies. Furthermore surgical measures improve or save the lives of people. Today it is no longer possible for an individual to read the whole range of worldwide research in the medical field.

A new beginning in medicine

Only we human beings make use of the help of a doctor. Humans have elevated the art of healing to a high standard by means of their intellect. But an unanswered question remains: What can the body do for itself? Do we still have the possibilities to stimulate or allow the healing powers of our own bodies or to understand the very source thereof? The fact is that 70 to 100 trillion body cells with 600 functions are specialised to do that. Why does the body then become ill or limited in its functions? Let us have a short look back on history in this regard. In 1961 Yuri Gagarin left his space capsule after he had only been in outer space near to the earth for a short time. After the landing he only took the first steps on our earth uncertainly and supported by others. How long had he been away from the terrestrial magnetic field? Did this withdrawal from the magnetism cause a direct limitation of his body functions and his health? A lot of research has been undertaken systematically since then regarding questions of magnetic functions and biological health. In the nineties Prof. Dr. Wolf A. Kafka discovered a magnetic form of therapy in the German Max Planck Institute, which took the medical world by storm. His knowledge in physics and physiology (doctor's degree in both subjects) laid a new foundation in the development of medicine: The body is able to regulate its own healing and maintenance of its health by means of absorption of energy at a cellular level!

"Accordingly disease is the decline of efficiency of the cells". Health can also be defined as physical and spiritual efficiency. (Quote: Dr. H. Michaelis)

In Europe 50 hospitals and university hospitals work with the BEMER Magnetic Field Therapy daily. In addition there are approximately 1000 doctors in private practices and approximately 30 000 German citizens who privately finance this treatment for themselves. Through Prof. D. Winzker I had the opportunity in June 2002 to become acquainted with the method of treatment at a seminar in Johannesburg. The convincing sum of medical data made the decision for the Bemer easy for me. Furthermore there was a return privilege. In the following week this treatment was remarkably successful in many and very different symptoms treated in my practice. In September 2002 the second treatment machine followed, in January 2003 the Bemer Light to meet the demand by patients. I hear from colleagues in other parts of South Africa on a weekly basis, reporting successes that were previously unheard of amongst us! Healing of vascular damage caused by diabetes (amputation), fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, healing of wounds or ulcers, migraine, insomnia, neurodermatitis, shingles, psoriasis and many more are only some of the extensive possibilities of treatment.

The rectification of the pro "NO deficit as ignition spark for many pathological processes"? (Ärzte/Zeitung 11 December 2002) is only a part and the beginning of a research series, as it commenced in Europe. It is surely a new beginning in medicine to return to the body its own regulation systems to heal itself effectively without the risk of so-called side effects!
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