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Metabolic Balance

metabolic balance®

Our metabolism balanced again - reaching a healthy ideal weight systematically

Overweight and all the chronic diseases related thereto have become the epidemic of the 21st century. The parameters of our diets/menus have become sweet and greasy. Parents and children rely on modern appetizers of the food industry and the fast-food temples. And when it comes to the subject of exercise, they stick to the Micado principle: Those who move - lose!
The consequences: Diseases due only to wrong eating habits become a pandemic with continually rising costs. On the one hand there is the dramatically higher number of increasingly younger overweight children needing treatment and on the other hand the sick suffering from the consequences of their obesity.


Not only the public is alarmed. But in the meantime everyone plays his or her own Yo-Yo of guilt and atonement more or less often. People juggle between feasting, fasting and regretting - but they cannot find a healthy balance. A ravenous appetite is sometimes an addictive craving for sweet things and giving in to this temptation is the first sign of failure with regard to the previously chosen program to get rid of the fat.

"It must be the glands" - this is a standard sentence heard from people struggling to reduce or maintain their weight. Others used to smile at such "excuses" and explained that malfunction of the glands is only seldom responsible for fruitless attempts to lose weight.

Scientific research has, however, proved that due to wrong eating habits many people do not eat the nutrients necessary for their glands to maintain a healthy hormone balance and thereby also a healthy metabolism.

If we knew exactly what we can and should eat - we could feast while doing something for our health and regulating our weight permanently.

Does this sound utopian and unrealistic? It is not!

With metabolic balance® there is now a diet showing an individual way of eating which is as personal as the cravings of each one of us. The word "diet", which is derived from the Greek word that means "way of life". In the ancient world the purpose of the former was to heal the latter. Today we have forgotten this claim which encompasses our entire way of life. For modern people diet is synonymous with starvation and fasting.

metabolic balance® is a nutrition program which brings the promotion of health and holistic regulation of weight together. It joins the ability of man to keep house again in the correct measure suitable for him. It is a guideline and signpost in the seemingly endless circle of starving, leading a dissolute life and regretting. And unlike other diets known up to now - where the body shrinks visibly at first and then bloats again - it takes the participant by the hand purposefully. The individual way to a healthy weight is brought about entirely without fasting, starving and counting calories. metabolic balance® - redemption from an extreme way of life.

The internal specialist and nutritionist Dr. med. Wolf Funfack from Isen in the vicinity of Munich is the founder and medical father of this method which takes the individual metabolism of the participant into account for the first time. It is not a diet standard for everyone but a personal nutrition plan as a guideline with the aid of which the participants - under the expert supervision of a supervisor who has been trained specifically for this purpose - set out to reach their healthy weight.

The time seems to be ripe for such a modern "line" because laymen as well as experts have lost the red line and thereby also the overall view in the colourful world of glossy slimness and fitness programs with promising lifestyle diets.

With the aid of this totally different nutrition program metabolic balance® you send your internal organs on a health cure for a while and chase the extra pounds away. The personal individual meal and food plan is the core of the metabolic balance® program. The plan of each participant is drawn up individually based on the correlation of data of his body chemistry with suitable and metabolically balanced food chemistry. By means of a computer program developed solely for this purpose, the results of blood tests and further anamnesis data of the participant are correlated with the food harmonizing therewith. The result is a meal and food plan which is subdivided into four phases and which has the long-term healing, balance of the metabolism and the correct weight as its aim. This individual meal framework made up according to the body and nutrition profile is as personal as a fingerprint. This well-founded, medically safe metabolism program which has been tested on 36 000 participants in Germany alone provides three meals with healthy, vital food for each participant. At the same time it is amazingly easy and user-friendly - even for working people.

This is the key to holistic maintenance of health and permanent weight regulation. People who have not been losing weight, are not eating what their body really needs. The scientific background and the time consuming research work on which this revolutionary new idea of a personified nutrition plan is based, verifies what the participants are practically discovering "with great relief" in their own bodies.

You can read up these experiences, the method itself and many backgrounds in the book "Metabolic Balance" by Dr. med. Wolf Funfack, which was published in the Südwestverlag (October 2005). On the Internet you can find interesting facts on the subject and look for a certified supervisor in your vicinity at

Metabolic Balance seminars are held once a week. If you are interested in attending, please contact us on +27 (0)12 803 9035 for more information.

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