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TeRehNews24.jpgIn News24 (2005) Prof W. Serfontein was quoted as saying that sooner or later medical doctors must change their attitude about food intake and maintenance of good health. This concept of nutrition should be approached scientifically and this is starting to take shape in Europe and now, finally, South Africa as well.

Western diseases, global obesity, and a great number of serious complications caused by industrialised food and our environment are, in my opinion, not addressed sufficiently by medication alone. The fact remains that the training for medical doctors in matters of nutrition is not sufficient.

When I came into contact with the research of Dr Wolf Funfack and started attending his training in Germany, the success of my own work and welfare of my patients was undeniable, thanks to the revolutionary Metabolic Balance Programme®. This nutritional programme is not only a powerful and preventative approach to common diseases, but also a scientific way to achieve and maintain excellent health without the use of any medication.

Earlier this year, I had the chance to discuss nutrition and health with a medical professor who mentioned the "healing powers" of wheatgrass. Yes, there are a lot of testimonials on the internet about the many health benefits of wheatgrass, but I was interested in actual and sustainable proof.

I visited the Springreen Wheatgrass farm in Midrand to see the quality of natural, non-genetically - modified farming with my own eyes. Since that visit, the results I have experienced are by far better than I could have expected. Increased energy, vastly improved tissue and joint conditions, acid control, a greater level of alertness, change of hair colour (my grey hair turned darker! Fountain of youth?), reduced gastrointestinal fullness and an overall feeling of excellent health, just to mention a few of the many benefits that I have either experienced personally or witnessed.

My normal workday is somewhat between ten to twelve hours daily, plus an average of fifty to sixty kilometres of marathon running per week - and all of that is done with ease since wheatgrass has become part of my daily food intake.

Since gluten is found in wheat grains and not wheatgrass this is no reason for concern. The clean farming of Springreen Wheatgrass is surely a source of excellent nutrition. Everyone who is interested in good health (and boundless energy) should start making wheatgrass a part of their food intake.

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